If you would like to apply for a position at Platinum Ambulance Service, please complete and submit our pre-application form below.

Pre-Application Form

Please note, we are unable to proceed with your application if you are under 21.
If you are required to hold a Visa, please give details details below:
If no, please note that we are unable to proceed with your application as all roles require applicants to have held a full driving licence for not less than two years:
If yes, please note that we may be unable to proceed with your application, however, please give details below of the offence/s on your licence:
Do you have the following immunisations? (Please note, you will be requested to provide proof of these being carried out.)
To enable us to review your pre-application, under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), we need your formal consent to hold your data. Consent can be given by selecting the option below. Without your consent we will unfortunately not be able to process your application. Please note, you can email us at info@platinumambulance.com at any time and ask us to remove any information we hold.