TV, Film and Music Sector Services

Our team of trained staff have extensive experience of working with production companies across the TV, Advertising, Film, Music and Event Sectors. We are able to provide a range of on location services including set medics to support individual requirements.
Our specialist medical team means that we can provide fully qualified Set-Medics including First Aiders, Technicians and Paramedics, or incorporate these into a full multidisciplinary team, to support your individual requirements.
We are also an approved Covid-19 testing company and work closely with production companies to provide both pre-production and on-set testing services.
Our unique fleet of fully equipped vehicles, which includes 4 x 4’s means that we can provide tailored solutions for any location both in urban and rural environments.
As an independent Ambulance company we undergo regular thorough inspections and approval processes which are carried out by both the Care Quality Commission and the NHS Trusts that we work with, all of which expect an extremely high standard.  Part of this process is to check the training records of all our medical staff to ensure they meet the requirements of the NHS, process and procedure checks as well as vehicle and equipment inspections including our cleaning and maintenance regimes.
To find out more, please call us on 01403 299920 and select option 1, or email: