999 Frontline and Patient Transport Services

Platinum Ambulance Service is an NHS approved 999 Frontline Ambulance Service and Patient Transport provider and our team are specialists in providing pre-hospital care.
Our frontline services involve our qualified team of Paramedics, Technicians, and medical support staff, delivering emergency service response 24-hours a day, 365 days a year to NHS Trusts as well as a dedicated daily service to many Hospital Trusts.
Our daily Patient Transport Services (PTS) see our trained team of Ambulance Care Assistants working for NHS Trusts to support them in transporting patients to and from their hospital appointments and, when required, helping patients to settle back home following appointments or a stay in hospital.  Collecting patients and taking them to care homes or hospices and at times giving patients the correct care and support to help them move from upstairs to downstairs in their own homes.
In addition to working with NHS Trusts, our PTS team also operate a daily transport service for private individual clients and/or insurance companies.  This covers services such as global repatriation to any UK destination, home support as well as care home, hospital, and healthcare facility transfers.
As an independent Ambulance company we undergo regular thorough inspections and approval processes which are carried out by both the Care Quality Commission and the NHS Trusts that we work with, all of which expect an extremely high standard.  Part of this process is to check the training records of all our medical staff to ensure they meet the requirements of the NHS, process and procedure checks as well as vehicle and equipment inspections including our cleaning and maintenance regimes.
To find out more, please call us on 01403 299920 and select option 1, or email: info@platinumambulance.com